Bar al Hickman – Boat trip to the flat water paradise

Bar al Hickman – Boat trip to the Flat Water Paradise, daytrip

The flat water lagoon of Bar al Hickman is one of the most impressive kite-lagoons on the globe.

It is orientated crosswise to the main wind direction and provides even in summer-typical strong wind days of 40knots super flat water. Sugar white fine and soft sands makes it just perfect.

Only a narrow sandbank is separating the lagoon from the Indian Ocean, which supplies unbelievable strong and constant windd into the region. Since the wind never has to cross land for several thousand kilometres it pushes incredible stable over the glass like lagoon.

It is a perfect place to practise new manoeuvres fully focused on yourself and not outer conditions or for super relaxed cruising session in breath-taking perfect conditions. You will live a lifetime lasting kite experience.

Boat trip to Bar al Hickman

The lagoon of Bar al Hickman is very remotely located and can only reached by a long Offroad-Trip. The drive can be challenging even for drivers with serious off road experience.

More over, the lagoon in some days (depending on the tides) , can only be reached during specific times of the day. This can be problematic in case of an injury or medial emergency.

The logistics of a Trip to Bar al Hickman is in general complex and expensive especially if is about to set up a temporary infrastructure for staying overnight.


To make things a bit more easer, we arrange daytrips to Bar al Hickman by boat from Masirah Island.

Departure from Maisrah at 7:00 am and – journey to the lagoon will be between 45 and 55 min.

Non-alcoholic Drinks and a small Lunchsnach is included.

Departure from the lagoon at around 3:00 pm.

So you will have enough time for an relaxed sunset session on Maisrah Island before you fall into your bed after a perfect kite day.

Trips are Thursdays during the summer season or on Request if the required number Of participants is reached. Trip can be cancelled short term due to wind- or weather conditions.

Kite lessons booked on Masirah can be held in Bar al Hickman as well, if it can be arranged in the schedule.



Daytrip from 20.- OMR per person (in case of 10 participants)

  • The trip will be charged with 200.- OMR per boat per day.

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