Bus travel to Masirah Island – travelling in Oman with small budget

Muscat to Masirah Ferry for as little as 4.- OMR per Person


The cheapest possibility to travel from Muscat to Masirah is by using the MWSALAT long distance bus – Nr. 51. The new Bus line extends the stull rather small offer of public transportation in Oman.


The bus departs from Athaiba bus station with stops at Muscat International Airport until direct to the Office of National Ferry Companey in Shannah. After everyone has bought the ticket, the bus is even going direct to the chetti to the ferry boat.

So you can hop on direct on the Airport Bus Station – Level 0.

Muscat Airport Bus Station. You will get there by Elevator Level 0. From here the long distance buses are travelling to Masirah and Salalah.

The ferry cruise to Masirah on the new ferry of National Ferry Companey is 3.- OMR per person – payment only by card possible at the Ferry office.

Using the old rusty local ferries is even free of charge for passengers without car.

The bus is locally typical well air conditioned, therefore something to dress over is recommended. There is no toilet on the bus but after around 3 hrs you will have a 15min stop at Shinaw.

The by us stated times are as per schedule of 13.5.2019 – Ramadan Timing – and is for your orientation only without guarantee. Please get actual travel and schedule information on the information webpage of MWASALAT – Oman Bus Companey at http://mwasalat.om/en-us/


Muscat to Shanaah Sunday-Wednesday & Friday Thursday & Saturday
Muscat Airport 9:30 8:30
Shanaah Ferry Point 15:00 14:00


Shanaah to Muscat Sunday-Wednesday & Friday Thursday & Saturday
Shanaah Ferry Point 17:30 16:30
Muscat Airport 22:30 21:30


Fahrplan für MWSALAT Bus nach Shanaah, Masirah Island. Bus schedule of Line 51 of Ramadan 2019. Please get the actual departure inforamtion and timing from the official homepage of MWASALAT Bus Transportation Company Before your Travel to Oman.

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