Kite Repair

Something went wrong during your kite session? We will be happy to assist you with our kite repair service. To repair your kite, we use Kitefix. Thereby we are able to establish a super strong connection of the torn cloths or damaged tubes. By avoiding the stitching of the cloth, the best possible restoration of the aerodynamic shape is guaranteed. With our years of experience we are able to offer you a first-class repair service.

Kite Repair Oman


Our kite repair service in Oman

If you bring your damaged kite to our station, we can tell you whether it can be “resuscitated” and give you an idea of the expected costs. Of course, we can also equip you with your own “Kitefix First Aid Kit”, so you can repair your kite on your own and will never have to miss a kite session anymore.

Contact us, we are glad to help!

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