Kite Buggy

There is no limit to kiteboarding!

There are many possibilities to kite which are really easy to learn if you  already know how to steer a kite. Kitebuggy, Mountainboard or Snow Kiting – You are the one who chooses the challenge!

kite buggy Oman - Kiteboarding Oman

Have fun with our kite buggy

At our schooling centres at Sawadi Beach and Masirah Island we offer you not only kiteboarding on the water but also land kiting with our kitebuggy. Use the wind power and practice your favourite sport even when there is low wind. As there is no aqua dynamic lift as in kiteboarding on the water, kitebugging is also possible at light wind areas from breezes of 5 knots on.

Contact us, we are glad to help you out with our kitebuggy!

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