Covid-19 / Corona-Virus Situation in Oman – another night lockdown

Night lockdown, effective from October 11th 2020

Oman has been relatively successful in containing the Covid-19 / Corona virus in the past. The Sultanate of Oman has braced the initially restrictive measures against the spread of the virus.
A lockdown with the associated restrictive travel restrictions and ultimately the cessation of international air traffic finally had an effect. The various restrictions were opened and withdrawn step by step.

However, Oman is also affected by the global increase in the number of Covid-19 / Corona Virus and new restrictions are being re-established.

Night lockdown, effective from October 11th, 2020 in Oman until 24.10.2020


As per the recent decisions of the Supreme Committee on Covid-19, the second spell of night lockdown will be established.

The movement of individuals will be fully restricted between 8 pm and 5 am, until October 24.

The actions were taken due to the raise in the number of Covid-19 cases, which has been connected to social gatherings despite repeated notifications and non-compliance of precautionary rules.

International Flights into Oman during Covid-19 / Corona Virus

Muscat International Airport will continue to operate international flights.

“Travelers whose flights are schedules during the night lockdown and individuals who care for their drop off / pick up have a hard copy of the ticket available. Travelers arriving and departing through airports are allowed to reach their destinations but have to carry a printed air tickets as proof.

Night lockdown will  be monitored by drones

Royal Oman Police will monitor by traffic patrols and Drones.

ROP asks companies, and shops to adjust the operating hours accordingly.

Who is alowed to move during lock down?

Allowed are only movements by emergency vehicles (electricity/water/communications), garbage and sewage trucks, ambulance, and civil defense vehicles, food supply, and consumables, fish transport vehicles, oil, gas, and water tankers, medical staff as well as workers in the field hospital at the old airport, trucks transporting containers for imports and exports through ports and official border posts (truck drivers only), emergency and humanitarian situations as well as patients with appointments in hospitals and medical centers (proof of appointment letter or SMS is required).

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