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Kiteboarding has become THE trend sport in the last few years and gains more and more attention. You can learn kiteboarding in a very short time and will be amazed by how fast you will love it. With our proved and tested VDWS schooling system you will get to know your new favourite sport fast and safely. Book your kitesurfing lessons in Oman now and have a lot of fun with Kiteboarding Oman!


Kitesurfing lessons in Oman to obtain an internationally valid kiteboarding licence

We offer several possibilities to get into the mind changing world of kiteboarding.  2-3 days Basic Course for a quick start up to one week workshops and special Kitesurf clinics for Kite – wave riders and hydrofoil riders or those who want to be so. Your perfect and safest way to start into the sport.  We will show you all the important basics and self-rescue-techniques, so you can practise after the course on your own without endangering yourself or others. The main part of the course will take place on the water but we will provide the necessary theoretical knowledge, e.g. priority rules.  At the end you will go through an exam to obtain an internationally valid kite license.  This is necessary if you want to rent equipment from kite centres or perform kiteboarding on inland lakes. The 12 hrs basic course (within 3-5 days) is mainly recommended for people who have no major board sport experience. If you are already experienced with board sports, the 8 hrs course (within 2-3 days) should be enough.

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International Kitesurfing Licence

Everyone participating at the course will receive a personal kiteboarding licence.
This licence will accompany you through your kiteboarding career and is necessary for renting gear at kiteboarding centres and serves as a proof of your kiteboarding skills with public authorities.
Stickers on your licence will be document of your skill level. The new and advanced VDWS level system has 7 levels and one theory step.

The VDWS level system

Level 1: Safety Basics, Getting Ready, Start Flying, Take Off, Bodydrag

Level 2: Bodydrag, Relaunch

Level 3: Waterstart, Going Downwind (min. 50 m)

Theory: Basic theoretical knowledge, test

Level 4: Going Downwind, Changing direction, Keep Position to Wind, Basic Jibe

Level 5: Going Upwind

Level 6: Basic Jumps and Carved Jibes, or Transition Jumps

Level 7: Rotation or Kiteloop, Grabs, One Foot, Board Off or Railey


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