Check your school

Before booking your kiteboarding course, check your school! It’s for your safety and ensures a happy kite life. Can your instructor answer the following questions with a convincing “yes”? If not, get away as fast as you can and look for a school that can guarantee a safe kite experience.

Is your kitecenter listed as certified center by an international water sport association?

Please check the lisiting of international certified VDWS Kitecenter

Is your instructor’s licence valid?

See below the licenses of the Managing Team of Kiteboarding-Oman

VDWS License of Alexander Friesl, Managing Director of Kiteboarding-Oman


Is your kite center insured?

Insurance police of Kiteboarding-Oman

Insurance of Kiteboarding-Oman

Is the school legalized as registered company?

Kiteboarding-Oman is a product of Oman World Tourism L.L.C

Commercial License of Oman World Tourism

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